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Everyone was a winner and these were some of people's most voted on at www.hopwiredfest.com

1. The Penny Espresso Blend (Smoking Gun Coffee)
2. Notch Espresso (Notch Coffee)
3. Top Shelf (Pallet Coffee Roasters)

Hot Coffee:
1. Huehue Finca Providencia SHB (Smoking Gun Coffee)
2. Ethiopia Sidamo (White Goat Coffee Roasters)
3. Exotic (Ethical Bean Coffee)

1. Cask Conditioned Bourbon Nitro Coffee (Fresh Cup Roastery)
2. Notch Coffee (Notch Coffee)
3. Café M (Milano Coffee)

Craft Beer:
1. Bean Me Up RED WINE AGED COFFEE CASK (Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks & Notch Coffee)
2. Wild Sour Dark Gruit w/ Cocoa Nibs (Moody Ales & Ethical Bean Coffee)
3. TIE: Prototype Pale Ale (Luppolo Brewing Company & Prototype Coffee) AND Frappe/Cafe.. (Four Winds Brewing Co. and Modus Coffee Roasting Company)