All Inclusive Beer roaster x brewer
Our friends are everywhere and getting everyone together is a difficult feat but we've managed to get many of them to Vancouver for what we think is one of the freshest brewery lineups in Vancouver history. Many new micro-breweries will be visting to pour in our city for the first time, including our friends Wild Ambition Brewing (Kelowna), Blind Enthusiasm Brewing (Edmonton), and OT Brewing (Calgary). Revisit Hopwired 2018 with the award-winning Smoking Gun Coffee x Dieu Du Ciel Peche Mortel collab and then taste this year's official Hopwired Festival 2019 Backcountry Brewing x 1914 Coffee Company's collaboration beer. This year we have introduced a rebate to our brewery friends to help them deliver fresh and carefully-aged new beers, that you won't find anywhere else, at our little festival. You're in for something really special. All beers are served at 4oz per serving per person, in Boelter's beautifully branded Hopwired poco-grande 12oz glasses, by staff who exercise British Columbia's Serving It Right practices.