Hopwired Festival joins Rare Barrel Festivals




Vancouver, British Columbia – Hopwired Festival joins a unique lineup of events planned for Rare Barrel Festivals ("Rare Barrel"), a series of community-oriented collaboration events that begins taking place February 23 2019 with Hopwired Festival through until Winter 2020 with a number of different unique events geared at both new and long-time consumers of craft beer, wine, spirits, and third-wave coffee.

Patrons who attend the events will be able to taste beer, as well as coffee, wine, and spirits in a curated atmosphere where each craft beer is made in collaboration with the coffee roasters, wineries, or distilleries.

Rare Barrel Festivals is focused on offering original incentives for businesses like a new beer rebate as a way of encouraging participating breweries to collaborate with different types of businesses in the community to make a new and unique beverage. The new beer rebate helps support Rare Barrel Festival's philosophies on the importance of education, community leadership and partnership, and well-crafted beverages where industry leaders are encouraged to learn a different industry's techniques to make a unique craft beer for the Rare Barrel Festivals events. Businesses are encouraged to cross-over one-another's skills to make collaborative coffee, wine, and spirits to help broaden the awareness of the businesses to unsuspecting consumers and as well broaden the variety of products made from our micro-industry leaders.