Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks
and Notch Coffee

Wine, coffee, and beer? Fuggles and Notch Coffee walk us through the history of their local legend collaboration beer Bean Me Up, while we sample Bean Me Up, Notch Coffee cold-brew, and a Hopwired Festival Exclusive Bean Me Up that is made with red wine barrel aged coffee beans.

Recommended sampling:

Fuggles and Warlock's Bean Me Up

Fuggles and Warlock's Bean Me Up with Red Wine Barrel-aged Coffee Beans

Notch Coffee's Notch Coffee Coldbrew.



Moody Ales
and Ethical Bean Coffee

Bright, fruity, floral and exotic is the simplest way to describe the complexity of these collaborations. Moody Ales and Ethical Bean Coffee bring us two, yes two, variations of a gruit - a herbed ale that's origins go back to the Netherlands, Belgium and westernmost Germany.

Recommended sampling:

Moody Ale's Dry-hopped Wild Sour Gruit.

Moody Ale's Wild Sour Dark Gruit with Cocoa Nibs.

Ethical Bean Coffee's Just The Exotic Roast.


Backcountry Brewing
and 1914 Coffee

BC Beer Award's 2017 Rookie of the Year winner, Backcountry Brewing teamed up with Galileo Coffee Company and 1914 Coffee Company to give us No Sleep Till Breakfast- an appropriately named beer for the end of the show.

Recommended sampling:

Backcountry Brewing's No Sleep Till Breakfast Stout.

1914 Coffee Co.'s and Galileo Coffee Co.'s No Sleep Till Breakfast Coffee.


Lighthouse Brewing Co
and Fresh Cup Roastery Cafe

The friendships between Lighthouse Brewing Co. and Fresh Cup Roastery Cafe go back more then twenty years, with both businesses collaborating together in the last year. Their demonstrated love of making high-quality craft beer and coffee bring us two new joint collaborations -  the Nightwatch Coffee Lager and the Nightwatch Coffee Blend. 

Recommended sampling:

Lighthouse Brewing's Nightwatch Coffee Lager.

Fresh Cup Roastery Cafe's Nightwatch Coffee Blend.