The Hall
(The Small Hall)

Featured Breweries and Roasters: Notch Coffee, Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks, Rooftop Coffee Roasters, Ravens Brewing, Blind Enthusiasm Brewing, Transcend Coffee, Temporal Artisan Ales, Primer Coffee, Canoe Coffee, Wild Ambition Brewing, Pallet Coffee, 2 Crows Brewing, Sundown Beer, Mountain's Edge Coffee, Sooke Oceanside Brewery, Stick in the Mud Coffee House, and Steamworks Brewing.

Things you need to do:
(Located Near the Stage)

- Visit Espressotec's Unlimited Espresso Bar.

- The Drink List -

Booth #48
Notch Coffee
Wine Barrel-Aged Cold Brew on Nitro

Tasting Notes: Lemon / Peach / Green Tea

Booth #48 Notch Coffee
Washed Ethiopian Cold Brew on Nitro

Gin / Red Wine / Peach / Plum

Booth #48 Notch Coffee
Ethiopian Roba Washed

Jasmine / Melon / Lemon / Caramel

Booth #48 Notch Coffee
Kenya Pour-Over

Raisin / Chocolate / Caramel

Booth #49 Fuggles & Warlock
Barrel Roll Coffee Pale Ale made with red wine from soaked coffee beans from Notch Coffee, aged in Gin and Red Wine barrels

Tasting Notes: Red Wine/Gin/Fruity

Booth #49 Fuggles & Warlock
Bean Me Up made with Notch Coffee

Tasting Notes: Smooth Cream/Espresso/Delicate

Booth #50 Rooftop Coffee Roasters
Ethiopian Mokonisa Guji

Tasting Notes: Brandy/Wild Berry/Syrupy Body

Booth #50 Rooftop Coffee Roasters
Colombian Liliana Sabogal Finca San Martin

Tasting Notes: Berry-like Acidity / Almonds / Hint of Citrus

Booth #51 Raven’s Brewing
Buna Wit - Witbier made with Rooftop Coffee Roaster's coffee

Tasting Notes: Citrus/Banana Bread/Coffee

Booth #52 Unlimited Espresso by Espressotec

1:10-1:25 - Detour Coffee
1:50-2:15 - Timbertrain Coffee
2:30-2:55 - Rooftop Coffee Roasters
3:10-3:35 - Transcend Coffee
3:50-4:15 - Notch Coffee
4:30-4:55 - Primer Coffee

Booth #54 Blind Enthusiasm Brewing
Kenya Feel It made with Transcend Coffee's coffee

Tasting Notes: Roasty/Pineapple Aromas/Fruity Esters

Booth #55 Transcend Coffee
Guama Single Origin

Tasting Notes: Blackberry/Rhubarb/Dark Chocoate

Booth #56 Temporal Artisan Ales
Barrel-aged Beer blended from Bourbon, Brandy, and Cognac Barrels with Primer Coffee.

Tasting Notes: Barrel-Character/Tart/Mixed-Culture Funk

Booth #57 Primer Coffee

Tasting Notes: Peach / Juicy / Sweet

Booth #57 Canoe Coffee
Mokanisa Bulga

Tasting Notes: Candied Ginger/Watermelon/Apricot

Booth #57 Canoe Coffee
Blanca Romo Romo

Tasting Notes: Manderine/Peaches & Cream/Plum

Booth #59 Wild Ambition Brewing
Dark Sour made with Canoe Coffee.

Tasting Notes: Blueberry/Chocolate/Lime

Booth #60 Pallet Coffee
Fazenda Santana

Tasting Notes: Watermelon/Strawberry Icecream/Chocolate

Booth #60 Pallet Coffee
Ethiopia Kochere

Tasting Notes: Floral/Jasmine/Apricot

Booth #60 Pallet Coffee
Cherry Pie Cold Brew

Tasting Notes: Strawberry/Chocolate/Cherry

Booth #61 2 Crows Brewing
Tequila Barrel Aged Sour with Agro Coffee

Tasting Notes: Coffee/Oak/Tequila/Tart

Booth #62 Sundown Beer
Alpenglow Porter made with Mountain’s Edge Coffee

Tasting Notes: Chocolate/Complex Coffee Profile

Booth #62 Sundown Beer
Cascara Sour made with Mountain’s Edge Cascara

Tasting Notes: Herbal/Funky/Light Tea

Booth #62 Sundown Beer
Costa Rica Coffee Blonde made with Mountain’s Edge Coffee

Tasting Notes: Balanced Chocolate/Bready/Crisp/Brown Sugar

Booth #63 Mountains’ Edge Coffee

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate/Brown Sugar

Booth #63 Mountains’ Edge Coffee

Tasting Notes: Chocolate/Smooth/Plum

Booth #64 Sooke Oceanside Brewing
Stuck in the Mud Porter made with Stick In The Mud Coffee

Tasting Notes: Balanced Coffee / Light Bodied / Dry Finish

Booth #65 Stick in the Mud Coffee

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate/Caramel

Booth #66 Steamworks Brewing
Nitro White Stout with Pallet Coffee

Tasting Notes: Floral / Oatmeal / Smooth Carbonation