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What's the new beer rebate?
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At Hopwired 2018, we served 27 mostly-new-to-market coffee beers that were all made in collaboration with local, national, and international coffee roasters. At Hopwired 2019, we're encouraging our brewers to make a whole new beer in partnership with their collaboration partners. We feel that by offering a new beer rebate we are providing an extra incentive to the brewers that goes to support the collaboration's local businesses and the spirit of collaboration and creative products that we so strongly support.

We pride ourselves in being the first collaboration, multi-market festival in Canada and the first recorded festival to give a rebate on new beer. We choose to be the change we want to see: by sparking new and existing collaborations in support of new beer that has a story to tell. Our amazing, local businesses already have many tasty seasonal beers- this program is essential to demonstrate our commitment as a festival to reward and to continue to foster friendships, partnerships, and new, delicious ideas between our collaborative partners for you in support of flavourful, local craft beer and coffee!

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What should I expect?

In a nutshell: We hate lineups and crowds. We love high-quality craft beer and third-wave coffee. This year we're adding a curated list of strong barrel-aged ales and specialty palate cleansers (fruit beers and juicy ipas) to compliment every flavor in the coffees and the collaboration coffee beers.

What you should expect is a festival made in the concept of what another consumer really wants: obvious care of attention to detail and quick and easy access to some of the newest and rarest craft beers and coffees in the country. We take pride in being able to be a festival for and for not coffee or beer drinkers- we try to accommodate all high-quality, thought-out beverages to be able to be 'that festival' that you want to visit every year. Expect a curated list of flavourful beers and coffees: light beers and light coffees, dark beers and dark coffees, everything in-between, and snacks.

We as well provide entertainment with Cascadian Beer Podcast's Tasting Panels, The Vancouver Coffee Snob's People's Choice Awards, and new additions with the Rare Beer Breakfast and much more seating than last year. Espressotec will also be our new hosts and will be serving all-inclusive delicious espresso all day long. Oh - and donuts and food trucks selected by our social media followers. Yum!

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